Pure Mature Julia Ann in Her Favorite Toy

Julia Ann is a sexy blonde mature with huge tits and the perfect petite body. She also has a sexual appetite that is never satisfied. You can tell right away from the striptease she’s performing for you that she’s horny again. You’re barely in the house and already she’s tearing her clothes off in anticipation of ravaging your cock.

Of course, you have no problem giving her exactly what she needs, a hard cock deep inside her sweet pussy already soaking wet. You bend her over the kitchen table and insert your cock from behind.

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She eases herself back onto your cock taking every inch. Grabbing her firm ass and hips from behind you begin to give her the sexual pounding that she’s desired. Her loud groans of pleasure increase with yours and you know that you’re both on the same level of sexual excitement. That’s when it happens; you both let out a loud moan and have orgasms at the very same time!

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