Pure Mature India Summer in Candlelight Romance

Dressed in a revealing nightgown that shows off her slim and sexy body, India Summer has made dinner for you and invites you to the table. You see her firm breasts barely covered by the thin material of her gown and can’t resist having your dessert before dinner! Sliding off her gown you take in the lovely sight of her bare body.

Removing your clothes you crawl over India dangling your hard cock between your legs. You press against her mound and grind against it until she’s dripping wet. Then, you take hold of your cock and press its head into her pussy penetrating her beautiful lips.

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She loves your cock and begs for the entire length of it. Of course you give in and thrust forward deep into her pussy. You both let out cries of sexual delight as you continue to thrust in and out of India. Soon you’ve both reached the height of sexual desire and you release your seed into her awaiting pussy.

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