Pure Mature Corinna Blake in Sweet Surprise

She has finally found the man of her dreams, someone who is attentive, caring, never forgetful, and is always capable of making her cum. Corinna Blake is dazzling woman, who once swept off her feet, will stop at nothing to make her man feel mighty and powerful using her sexy body as a tool for both their pleasure.


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Once she finds the present left for her on the counter, her guy appears behind her, groping her curvy wonderful body. She needs no more convincing, and is ready to get down and dirty, as she grabs him by his dick leading him into the comfort of the bedroom.

There she proceeds to suck his large pulsating cock and hanging balls, enjoying every second of it. She wants him inside her cunt, she needs to feel his manhood fill her up, before he’s too far gone, when he cums on her pretty looking face.
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