Pure Mature Corinna Blake in A Mother’s Work Is Never Done

This naughty milf only wants what’s best for her slacker sons friend, and she has what’s best for him, even if it’s not a paying job. She demands proof of his useful skills, and she gets that proof in spades as he whips out his fat and ready cock.

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She soon puts Sonny Boy’s tool to good use by having him titty fuck her luscious rack. Turns out he’s even better with his tongue than he is with video games, and he sucks, licks, and teases her shaved pussy until she’s begging to be fucked.

Her frenzied moans echo as he plunges deep into her pussy and ass, making her cum so hard that she wondered why she ever doubted his usefulness around the house. Once he shoots his sticky hot load into her wet mouth, he’s proven he’s got the skills, even if they don’t pay the bills.

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