Pure Mature Samantha Saint in Playing with Bubbles

Wondering into the bathroom to take a shower you find an amazing blonde haired mature woman taking a bubble bath. It’s your friend’s mom Samantha Saint. She notices you and doesn’t even cover her bare breasts. It’s almost as if she expected you to walk in.

She asks you to join in her the bath instead of the shower and eagerly you accept. Climbing in behind Samantha your erection pokes at her bottom. She feels your lust and lifts her body up using the side of the bath to hold her weight and then she lowers back down onto your hard cock.

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You can’t believe that your dick is inside this hot mature woman and you’re fucking her in the bath. It’s a pleasure that you’re both enjoying as you continue to plunge in and out of Samantha making her let out sounds of pure ecstasy. As you reach orgasm you take your cock out of her pussy and shove it deep into her throat, cumming into her mouth.

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