Pure Mature Lisa Ann in Pure Mature

Imagine coming across Lisa Ann doing cleaning up her apartment wearing nothing but her long shirt, unbuttoned and showing off her large breasts, teasing you with her amazing cleavage. Would your hands instantly be drawn to her tits or would you start by cupping her ass cheeks, exposed due to the length of her shirt. As your hands begin to caress her natural curves Lisa Ann sighs with desire, her arousal evident by her hard nipples and her willingness to pleasure you.

As you remove her top, leaving her completely naked, she drops to her knees and looks into your eyes as she licks you erection. Her soft, warm mouth and tongue make you even harder than you already are and insane with desire. You return the favour by teasing her clit with your tongue, inhaling her scent. It is impossible to ignore her arousal as she is wet and quivers each time you run your tongue along her clitoris.

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Lisa Ann can’t wait any longer and pushes you back on the couch, quickly straddling you and guiding your hard cock into her tight wet pussy. She kisses you deeply as you feel her wetness and warmth envelope you. This mature vixen grinds against your manhood quickly at first before slowing down and enjoying you inside her. You smile and realize that you’re in for quite the afternoon.

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