Pure Mature Diana Doll in Pure Seductress

As Diana Doll stares at you from on the floor, completely naked except for her high heels, your cock grows with anticipation of what’s to come. Quickly stripping off all of your clothes, Diana watches your cock fully harden as you move towards her. When close, she reaches out her hands to grab your cock and inserts it into her mouth.

Diana’s warm and wet mouth feels so good on your now rigid cock. She’s giving you a fantastic blowjob, but you can’t wait any longer to feel her tight wet pussy squeeze around your shaft.

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Picking her up by her hair you bend her over and shove your cock deep inside her pussy from behind. Diana moans with pleasure from your thick penis penetrating her pussy and both of you are lost in heat of sexual passion. “Let me feel you cum inside me”, she screams, as your cock fills her pussy with a hot load.

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