Pure Mature Alison Star in The Brightest Star

Alison Star is a mature temptress who enjoys seducing younger men like you. She knows that her amazing body, her perky big tits, and her flawless good looks cannot be resisted. Her dress falls from her shoulders and your jaw drops in awe of the goddess standing in front of you.

You hurry to remove your shirt and tug down your pants, not wanting to keep Alison waiting. Your hard cock springs upward as it pops out of your pants.

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Alison is on her back and spreads her legs wide giving you access to her sweet pussy. You climb on top and thrust your shaft deep inside her with one powerful push. She lets out wild sounds of passion as your pace increases. You can’t believe this mature babe is taking the sexual pounding you’re giving to her. Your body begins to spasm and you fill Alison’s pussy with your hot cum.

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